«2011 - 2016»


The book cover illustration for a great Ukrainian modern poet Птицами (Ptitsami, "by birds" in an exact translation).

Five years of life is not a verdict, but a whole story of pleasant grief, wide smiles, devastating disappointments and sorrows, warm embraces, silent "goodbyes". And the fact that the words cannot express that, but in some incredible way, he succeeded. Magic. 

From myself I will add that the cover was changed three or four times, completely changing its appearance. We looked through different concepts in search of a suitable palette of colors and emotions. This cover appeared in August 2017. In a fit of emotion after a few cozy evenings, heart-to-heart talks and devastated bottles of wine. The midnight banged, the carriage turned into a pumpkin and the trilogy into one massive assembly. Here, «Autumn» absorbed «Winter» and «Spring». And what about «Summer»? Come up with your own summer, but do not forget to take this book with you.

This book  won at the  'Ukrainian Design: the Very Best of' competition in the 'Book design and illustration' category. 

All work copyright © Vadym Solowski