„We are on a mission to put an end to air pollution. Over 17,000 people die every day because of illnesses related to air pollution. That's one every five seconds. Something needs to be done, right now. At Kaiterra, we believe data is the ultimate solution”.

„Through data we trace pollution on a global scale. Powered by our network of monitors, in the hands of users, researchers, and governments, we're able to leverage data on a worldwide level. We track pollution, work to spot moving patterns, forecast, and ultimately eliminate pollution.”

Against Pollution 


I drew a few illustrations for Kaiterra – a manufacturer of air monitors that anyone can install at home. These devices not only provide information about the air quality around, but collect data and transfer it to a global database that is directed to state offices.

In addition, Kaiterra runs various educational campaigns that aim to inform as many people as possible about the problem of air pollution and how to combat it, encouraging to become part of the quietest revolution.

All work copyright © Vadym Solowski