I am half illustrator / half banana.


I am a Nuclear Power Engineer who became an Illustrator / Art Director / Godfather / Artist / Gladiator / Cosmonaut / Graphic Designer and Dreamer after an epileptic accident in Iran. But this sho(r)t story is not for this page, maybe for the novel or the interview.


I love to communicate visually with people, whom (probably) I will never see in my life. I adore to tell stories, catch feelings, make connections, encourage reflection. And eat pizza.  

Somehow, I have understood, that creativity — the cheapest and the most powerful weapon / magic wand / instrument (ok, hope is free, but anyway) that I’ve ever known. And creativity can change this world locally and globally in some way.


My visual communication is based on a double meaning, symbolic and playful language, that is like music — does not need a translation.

Sometimes, it should be both the “!” and the “?” at the same time, catching the attention and provoking a question “What is this about?”, like posters do.
Or it should complement the context, making information more memorable, like editorial illustrations do. It depends on what we do, and together we are able to do everything.

In addition, I try to follow the principle voiced by Anthony Burrill: 'Work hard and be nice to people'.  

Exhibitions. Awards. Fails. 

● ‘New Polish Poster Exhibition’, Glasgow, United Kingdom [2019]

● ‘Project: Now!’, Minsk, Belarus [2019]

● ‘MUST SEE’, Warsaw, Poland [2019]

● 'Person City' / La Nave, Madrid, Spain [2018]

● 16th International Theatre Poster Biennale, Rzeszów, Poland [2018]

●10th Trnava Poster Triennial, Slovakia [2018]

● Targi Plakatu, Warsaw, Poland [2016] / [2018]

●Exhibition of Contemporary Art 'ART.WHO.ART', Moscow, Russia [2015] / [2016]

●Museum of Outstanding Design, Como, Italy [2016]

●Cube Design Museum, Kerkrade, Netherlands [2016]

●Architecture and Interior Designing Conference in The Lalit, Mumbai, India [2016]

●Grand Design Exhibition in Bologna Design Week, Italy [2016]

●Peacock Rubi Festival, Barcelona, Spain [2016] 

● Ukrainian Design: the Very Best of 2018
   [Book Design and Illustration Category]

● Antalis Design Awards 2017

● A'Design Award 2016
[Graphics and Visual Communication Design Category]

● One Minute Briefs Winner 

[and other honorable mentions].

«The greatest teacher failure is». - Master Yoda.

So many failures have been in my life and I hope that there will be more.

And if you read this – it means they did not break me, but only taught something.

What else?

● Currently based in Warsaw, but going to live in Barcelona and die in New York.

● In art, I like to make (sense:) performances and installations close to conceptualism, highlighting some important social problems.

● I love bookstores as a source of inspiration. 

● I love the movies of Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino, but if I were creating the film, it would be in the style of Woody Allen or Martin McDonagh. 

● In the future, I want to create some outstanding designs of storefronts and album covers.

● In my free time (does it even exist?) I love to play chess.

● Sometimes it seems to me that the only thing that I can do is not to sleep enough. 

● Big Brother is not my brother at all. 

● My heroes: Javier Jaen, Jessica Walsh, Dawid Ryski, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Storm Thorgerson, Rafał Olbiński, Ai Weiwei, Rene Magritte, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sevda Bayraktar, Pablo Picasso, Phil Knight, Banksy, Patryk Hardziej, Ricardo Cavolo, Salvador Dali, Andrei Juc, Kendrick Lamar, Dmitry Kachmar, Maria Abramović, Matt Chase, Ben Zank, Roger Federer, Pieter Brueghel the Younger, Batman, Christoph Niemann, Oxxxymiron and Thisisnottheendof Thislist.

All work copyright © Vadym Solowski