However, this is more, than just an exhibition. This is also an event full of interaction. It composes together an art and an entertainment, hosting music performances by young and talented musicians.



A poster should catch your attention, call in your head the question «What is this?», and visually stay in mind after.

I am proud to say, that in 2018 I was asked to design a new Visual Communication / Poster for an extraordinary Experimental Exhibition of Modern Art in Darkness in Moscow called ‘ART.WHO.DARK’ (curated by ART.WHO.ART).

The theme of the exhibition in darkness is «Point of no return». And I wanted to build a simple, bold, expressive visual communication based on symbolic language and typography. In best traditions of graphic and poster design (especially Swiss one). I wanted to build something characteristic.

The big point in the middle symbolizes the main theme, exhibits and some space under the lights; the A (in which the name is encoded) symbolizes stands under exhibits and the level of quality of the exhibition. Colors express nothing more, than simplicity and the environment of the exhibition — darkness.

All work copyright © Vadym Solowski