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The International Biennale Of Theatre Poster  

«Macbeth» is also known as «The tragedy of Macbeth» — a famous play that was written by William Shakespeare. I will try not to quote the boring Wikipedia in order to explain the play. Briefly: It tells a pretty interesting story (in fact: one of my favorite) about the price for the lust for power. One of the morals is: you could not become a king sowing death for the sake of predictions hoping that this will not return the same. I definitely recommend everybody to watch or read this masterpiece. 

On the poster, we see the king as a big crown with a symbolic face of the skull in the middle of it. It symbolizes what Macbeth became and how his path ended. On the tops of the crown, there are three small black skulls. They symbolize two fundamental things in this story: on the one hand — three predictions from three witch sisters. And, in fact, a sown death and murders on the way to the power of Macbeth himself.

I chose a deliberately art-minimalistic technique, opening the door to the story itself, but not a straightforward paraphrase of it. I wanted this poster to look like an art element, corresponding to the spirit of big theaters. For this, I chose ink, pastel and a very soft brush.  


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