No Signal


It is more than just a poster. It is a protest.

Inspiration comes from the real life. The idea of a protest against the control of people's lives by governments was growing in me over the past few years. It was when my parents moved to Russia that I started to observe the «world», where «freedom of speech» means: you can say anything you want, but silently; and «private life» means: you can do whatever you want behind closed doors, but for you will spy. People have problems there posting something in a social network, just expressing your own opinion can be punished by the «fiction law». It's terrible. Then I was reading a book by George Orwell «1984» and at the same time, the events associated with Edward Snowden took place. All these things had an impact on the formation of this project, main poster of which is called «No Signal».

The best interaction, that could be, is to share the idea with others, and to pay attention to what is going on with freedom of private life in other countries. Silence is not an action in this case.

The project got the A'Design Award in category: Graphics and Visual Communication Design.

All work copyright © Vadym Solowski