It was made from a photograph of a real page from a poet's book. Photo was made by Sevda Bayraktar.


Album Cover for Птицами    

Птицами is a modern Ukrainian poet, the 11th release of which is called «Сизиф» («Sisyphus»).

Cover shows the EP mood. A Sisyphean Task — is what the poet faces every day. It seems that all is in vain, that every line, every page will later be smeared in the reader's, listener's consciousness, mind; and he has to start all over again. Line by line, page by page. And so, perhaps, to the end of his days.

There is an interesting and annoying fact: the EP «Sisyphus» was released officially in 2016 (the cover was presented on different public platforms and media as well), and the album «Is This the Life We Really Want?» by Roger Waters in 2017.

It is very difficult to find the designer of the cover for Roger Waters, and to convict him of plagiarism, so it will remain only on the public discussion.

Interesting also that the album was blocked from release in Italy after the artist Emilio Isgrò alleged that the cover art plagiarised his work.

All work copyright © Vadym Solowski