The Hammer of Propaganda


TV propaganda is a very relevant and, in a sense, painful topic (at least for me). Because everyone seems to understand everything, but at the same time it remains incredibly effective. It literally enslaves the minds of many people and politicians have come up with many sophisticated ways to do this — for example, confidently juggling facts, hiding behind false numbers, using fake research and incorrect statistics, making production stories, and so on. They literally become illusionists, fooling people who tend to believe what they are shown.

The idea for this illustration appeared during my work on the cover for the March issue of the ZNAK magazine. In many respects, I was influenced by a very interesting and informative e-mail from the Art Director of the magazine – Władysław Buchner. Then there were many concepts, but this one really sunk into my soul. And despite the fact that then it was too crude and, as a result, thrown aside — I decided to finalize and publish it separately.

I don’t know how things really are with political propaganda in many countries (for example, in the USA or in the UK), but I know very well how strong it is in countries of Eastern Europe. And it is not the fact of its presence that upsets me, but how confidently and strongly it hammers the necessary information into people's heads. Like a hammer – nails.

All work copyright © Vadym Solowski