Trap Of The Future

Pismo. Magazine 

This illustration was created for an article about how our future is shown on TV shows (like 'Black Mirror') and how it can actually be. When our home ceases to be only our home. When screens affect our lives. Our cozy corner of the house turns into a kind of trap that we do not notice.
[Hello, 1984].

The essay also discusses the feeling of being lost in time, touches on the theme of cyclicality, repeatability. The author asks (and trying to answer) such questions: How does the past affect our future? Moving into the future, are we returning to the past? 

A wordplay is also used here – in Polish language ‘future’ and ‘past’ differ by only one letter: ‘przyszłość’ & ‘przeszłość’, respectively.

AD: Karol Tyczyński


All work copyright © Vadym Solowski